PSPPF!!! Artist Series 3

Call For Entries!!!

Digital Sculptors! Canned Goodz and JFO cordially invite you to submit a design (or designs) to have your figure produced as part of the Castle Sprayskull Resin Micro Series 3!

Please submit at least two views (preferably front and back) of your 3D design. Images can be screenshots or full renders, in 1:1 aspect ratio, PNG or JPG format. Submitted designs will be reviewed internally and any suggested changes or modifications will be discussed with the artist. Designs MAY be selected immediately upon submission!

Two figures in the series will be chosen by public vote, so any designs NOT selected immediately, will go into the vote on Instagram letting the public decide which figures will be produced.

To be eligible, designs should either be a brand new sculpt (not produced previously) or an existing sculpt that has not been produced as a sub-two-inch figure. Figures produced will fit into a 2" capsule, so size definitely matters. Artists must fully own the rights and have access and ability to share digital sculpt(s) in STL or OBJ format.

Designs can be submitted via Instagram DM or email

Submissions will be open through September 1, 2024.

Series II Figures

(Series II artists: The Lostlings, Dr. Plopz, Revise D, Madhattress, Snackrabbit, JFO, EvilGhosty, Lost N Creative, Mr. Mento, Doompy)

Series I Figures

(Series I artists: JFO, Trash Panda Toys, Playful Gorilla, Mr. Mento, Ninjitos, Scadutes, Big C, Horrible Adorables, FettUp Toys, Madhattress, Trash Panda Toys, AngelOnce)

Some Additional Fine Print
Note any designs that seem IMPOSSILBLE to produce, may not be eligible, and if this is the case, we'll let ya know. That said, we love a challenge and don't really foresee this being an issue.

PLEASE send a DM or email with any questions!